Smiling Eve

Smile – happiness looks gorgeous on you. Why is it we are not all adopting the power of the smile? Its hypnotic magnetism. Its alluring charm. Why are we avoiding this simple symmetry?

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Senses and Lenses Eve

Online dating has increased my senses and I’ve discovered there are many lenses – ways people see the world. Avoid using the lenses of: extreme obligation; dislike of self-promotion; and martydom. Being yourself is the most important part of online datine. It is you and your personality that are going to create a connection with Adam. Be aware of your lenses and be yourself.

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Swanning Eve

My initial unveiling of Adam’s interests, family and values has me day-dreaming. I call this ‘swanning’ – Flights of fancy – a future aligning my life with Adam’s. Returning to a real world reality check, I remind myself I haven’t even met Adam. Regardless I continue to dream….

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Scam-free Eve

Online dating is used by scammers. Never: pay money to ‘help’ Adams; pay money to release money ‘promised’ to you;
give out your bank account or credit card details to Adam. Stay out of scams way.

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