Suspicious Eve

Online dating gives you loads to be suspicious about. The questions around frequency of texts and calls, the selected meeting times and the secretive nature. This is not paranioa – it is me making comparisons with relationships that work. Which do you prefer?

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(Non)-Smoking Eve

It intrigues me that the ‘non-smoker’ label selected in Adams’ onling dating profile, can be deceptive. Signs of this deception include Adams who jump out of bed very early in the morning, instead of selecting alternate pastimes. One Adam bought his ‘coffee’ from the petrol station… not the coffee conneisseurs usual choice. May your Adam have the smoking habits you desire.

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Sticks and Twigs Eve

How you meet people and what you choose to do is up to you and Adam. Some apps may enable you to go on 331 dates in a week, but based on what? I question why people would meet knowing nothing about the other person, but rather based on a (hopefully reliable) photo and proximity to each other. Why do Eves do this to themselves? Take pride in yourself.

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Starting Out Eve

Before I began online dating I asked my friends about their experiences. Despite hearing their stories I decided to take the plunge. If you’re wondering whether to give online dating a go – Go for it!

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