Safe Sex Eve

Expecting safe sex? In your dreams….. Grim reaper in ads casting death upon sexually active individuals not practicing safe sex seems to have been forgotten over time. Now it seems the ‘c’ word ‘condom’ is a dirty word. Best of luck with your sexual safety.

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Stood-up Eve

One Adam was giving online dating a go because his friend had found a wife through online dating, in the past three years. In my last converstation with this Adam I reminded him that online dating isn’t as simple as it seems – After being stood-up by this Adam FOUR times. I suggest that your chances of meeting a great person increase if you actually meet!

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Sexy Eve

We are sleeping together on the third date and that is average. Hhhhhmmmm. This is an interesting statistic to know, but it is up to you and Adam to establish the rules that suit you. Sex plays on the mind of online daters. Wishing you many pleasurable moments.

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Speechless Eve

What do you say when ‘that’ time comes? Things are going well between you and Adam. The coffee cups are on the coffee table. There’s no longer anything to clutch onto…. except….Often this isn’t the time for words. Have a fabulous night!

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“All About Eve”

“All About Eve” is a 1950’s movie with a plot that slots perfectly into online dating. There are cougars, young hussies, aged-has-beens, jealousy, seduction, dinners and lies. Of course dating is “All About Eve” – the glamour – the desire – the dinners – the seduction and the suspense. We’re all on this online dating journey as it’s more fun when there’s more than one. So share your experiences with me whether you’re an Eve or an Adam.

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