Socks and Jocks Eve

Are people wearing their best underwear when dating? One Adam had more pieces in his jocks that in a tailored jacket. Another Adam wore no undies at all. Boxer shorts or Bonds for others. Bring out your best jocks.

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Sexy Eve

We are sleeping together on the third date and that is average. Hhhhhmmmm. This is an interesting statistic to know, but it is up to you and Adam to establish the rules that suit you. Sex plays on the mind of online daters. Wishing you many pleasurable moments.

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Speechless Eve

What do you say when ‘that’ time comes? Things are going well between you and Adam. The coffee cups are on the coffee table. There’s no longer anything to clutch onto…. except….Often this isn’t the time for words. Have a fabulous night!

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Subconscious Eve

My subconscious brain knows a lot more about my dating preferences than my conscious brain. I call this ‘layers of compatibility’. I don’t like: cluttered houses; and being talked at. I do like: laughing; and a romantic. I’ve found sex is an important ‘layer of compatibility’. Enjoy finding out about yours.

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Scheduling Eve

Scheduling, factoring in Adam’s family care arrangements and Eve’s family care arrangements, can be an impossible factor when meeting Adam. At times the limited time is sufficent for your dating – other times scheduling just isn’t on your side.

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Streets are two way Eve

When you first meet Adam there are a few alternatives: you like them, but they don’t like you; they like you, but you don’t like them; neither of you like each other; or the jackpot of the dating scene – you both like each other….Oh, if only it was always that easy.

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“All About Eve”

“All About Eve” is a 1950’s movie with a plot that slots perfectly into online dating. There are cougars, young hussies, aged-has-beens, jealousy, seduction, dinners and lies. Of course dating is “All About Eve” – the glamour – the desire – the dinners – the seduction and the suspense. We’re all on this online dating journey as it’s more fun when there’s more than one. So share your experiences with me whether you’re an Eve or an Adam.

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Separated not Single Eve

I’d decided to take the plunge and set up an online dating profile. An evening of answering hosts of questions, loading photos and bravery came to nothing. This site does not consider ‘separated’ people to be ‘single’. All that effort for nothing…..

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