Safe Sex Eve

Expecting safe sex? In your dreams….. Grim reaper in ads casting death upon sexually active individuals not practicing safe sex seems to have been forgotten over time. Now it seems the ‘c’ word ‘condom’ is a dirty word. Best of luck with your sexual safety.

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Scam-free Eve

Online dating is used by scammers. Never: pay money to ‘help’ Adams; pay money to release money ‘promised’ to you;
give out your bank account or credit card details to Adam. Stay out of scams way.

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Safe Eve

For safety on first dates: always meet your date in a public place; never get your date to pick you up from your house; and don’t tell your date your surname, where you live or where you work. Following these tips may keep you safe, but it won’t guarantee the quality of the date. Here’s to your safe dating.

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Sticks and Twigs Eve

How you meet people and what you choose to do is up to you and Adam. Some apps may enable you to go on 331 dates in a week, but based on what? I question why people would meet knowing nothing about the other person, but rather based on a (hopefully reliable) photo and proximity to each other. Why do Eves do this to themselves? Take pride in yourself.

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Starting Out Eve

Before I began online dating I asked my friends about their experiences. Despite hearing their stories I decided to take the plunge. If you’re wondering whether to give online dating a go – Go for it!

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