Stop Eve

Sometimes there are signs that you should stop online dating. Sometimes it is your friend’s advice. Other times your emotional roller coaster. Sometimes it is because you and Adam hit it off!

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Swapping Eve & Adam

International Womens’ Day is a time to think about how women are portrayed in all aspects of life. It is important for Eves to feel pride and capable and confident in the world. The on-line dating world is no exception. I encourage Eves to write profiles that reflect who they are. I’m not sure we’re there yet…

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Spiders and Eve

Dear Dater, A while ago now I wrote about [Swans or Swallows] comparing Adam to birds. At the time I offered to write about Spiders and Eve. This story is much more alarming. Spiders are alarming for many people without knowing much about them – just based on their appearance. It turns out that the […]

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Simply Strange Eve

Dear Dater Over time things change. Sometimes it is our memory of things. At other times it is the perception of things that changes. Here’s what I mean. I’ve just watched Vertigo – Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. I haven’t seen it for a very long time. I remembered parts of the movie. Watching it today I […]

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