Searching For Perfection Eve

Wow we have high expectations of Adams. Test your wish list against your friends – see if the people you know can actually deliver. Then tap into your own experiences and the feelings of wonder. Let the feelings well up inside you. Remember this experience and associate it with the wonderful sensations you have just tapped into. Now go outside into your world and see how great everything looks. Enjoy!

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Sparks Fly Eve

Sparks are what we all seem to be looking for. I believe sparks stem from mutual attraction and I certainly believe they exist. Sparks help you build a relationship with the associated feeling of ‘love’ enable you to ovecome differences between you and Adam. Here’s to your sparks flying and you finding ways to keep them alive.

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Sorted Eve

When is the ‘right’ time to start dating? Of course this varies for everyone. I suggest you will have more success with dating when you life is sorted out. What this looks life for you is unique. Give it a go!

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Slipping Away Eve

Sometimes it is hard to see what you actually have in a relationship. Instead we look at what we wish we had. My heart so wanted more – my head knew the reality was not going to change. Once my head won over my heart I knew what I had wasn’t hard to beat. Do an evaluation on your relationship to see how much time and effort is being put into it. May your relationships be fulfilling!

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Splitting Cells Eve

Our addiction to cell phones are essential to our relationships. Cell phones allow us to meet. They allow us to text. They continue to be prolific during relationships… brought out during dinner – after the movie – at the picnic. Cell phones don’t seem to build our relationships, but rather become a wedge between us. Our cell phones become the tool that strike the final blow in ending our relationships.

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Savouring Eve

Human nature can bring animosity, anger and angst to so many of the things we do. Online dating is no exception. Rather than taking this emotional path I suggest you adopt a savouring approach. Savouring is to enjoy the delights that experiences bring us. Reflecting on pleasurable moments brings our minds joy, our bodies relaxation and our hearts healing. What are you going to savour?

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Sharing Eve

Does sharing spread Eve too thin? No sharing leads to a great many things – wonderful experiences, deepened friendships, new encounters, great laughs, healing hearts and frolics morning, noon and night. May sharing enrich your life.

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So Age Eve?

Age is a dilemma in the online dating world – is the age provided true? – is the age desirable?
Adams seem to prefer younger Eves. What are your preferences and experiences?

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Shelling Out Eve

There is a fine line now in the dating world when it comes to paying. The issue is no-one knows where the line is. Some Adams complain that he is expected to pay, others feel less ‘manly’ if Eve pays. Hoping you don’t pay the price when you pay.

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