Subject matter for Eve

Wondering what topics to cover on a first date? Well here is subject matter better left at home: you have sex with prostitutes without a condom and go on as many dates as possible. Read more to get a true account of a first date subject matter to avoid like the plague – just like the Adam.

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Subconscious Eve

My subconscious brain knows a lot more about my dating preferences than my conscious brain. I call this ‘layers of compatibility’. I don’t like: cluttered houses; and being talked at. I do like: laughing; and a romantic. I’ve found sex is an important ‘layer of compatibility’. Enjoy finding out about yours.

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Scheduling Eve

Scheduling, factoring in Adam’s family care arrangements and Eve’s family care arrangements, can be an impossible factor when meeting Adam. At times the limited time is sufficent for your dating – other times scheduling just isn’t on your side.

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‘S Meeting Time Eve

There will be a group of Adams that you don’t want to meet in a million years. Next there will be a group of ‘interesting Adams’. I meet intriguing Adams to get a true sense of what he’s like. Meeting Adam is an exciting time! I always look for sparkling eyes.

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Safe Eve

For safety on first dates: always meet your date in a public place; never get your date to pick you up from your house; and don’t tell your date your surname, where you live or where you work. Following these tips may keep you safe, but it won’t guarantee the quality of the date. Here’s to your safe dating.

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Setting up Your Profile Eve

I commenced my online dating profile with just one word which sent my computer wild – pings – zapping sounds and this message appears on my screen. “I think we have something in common – I’d like to know more about you”. NEW Eves get remarkable responses. When setting up your online dating profile avoid using cliches. Be intrigiung and be yourself!

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Separated not Single Eve

I’d decided to take the plunge and set up an online dating profile. An evening of answering hosts of questions, loading photos and bravery came to nothing. This site does not consider ‘separated’ people to be ‘single’. All that effort for nothing…..

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Sticks and Twigs Eve

How you meet people and what you choose to do is up to you and Adam. Some apps may enable you to go on 331 dates in a week, but based on what? I question why people would meet knowing nothing about the other person, but rather based on a (hopefully reliable) photo and proximity to each other. Why do Eves do this to themselves? Take pride in yourself.

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