Suspicious Eve

Online dating gives you loads to be suspicious about. The questions around frequency of texts and calls, the selected meeting times and the secretive nature. This is not paranioa – it is me making comparisons with relationships that work. Which do you prefer?

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Slice of Eve

With each Adam I meet I find it is like seeing a slice of myself – A reflection of my personality shining through Adam. I’m interested to see this reflection of personality dominates our times together. It is as if we quickly fit into this mirrored image – where the image remains unchanged.

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Senses and Lenses Eve

Online dating has increased my senses and I’ve discovered there are many lenses – ways people see the world. Avoid using the lenses of: extreme obligation; dislike of self-promotion; and martydom. Being yourself is the most important part of online datine. It is you and your personality that are going to create a connection with Adam. Be aware of your lenses and be yourself.

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Stood-up Eve

One Adam was giving online dating a go because his friend had found a wife through online dating, in the past three years. In my last converstation with this Adam I reminded him that online dating isn’t as simple as it seems – After being stood-up by this Adam FOUR times. I suggest that your chances of meeting a great person increase if you actually meet!

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Statistics Eve

I’d love your help to fulfil one of my passions. I’d love you to fill out the surveys on my blogs to give us all a great view of online dating from around the world. Statistics are not on my side for online dating – or anyone else’s. May you find many novelty ways to enjoy your passions.

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(Non)-Smoking Eve

It intrigues me that the ‘non-smoker’ label selected in Adams’ onling dating profile, can be deceptive. Signs of this deception include Adams who jump out of bed very early in the morning, instead of selecting alternate pastimes. One Adam bought his ‘coffee’ from the petrol station… not the coffee conneisseurs usual choice. May your Adam have the smoking habits you desire.

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Socks and Jocks Eve

Are people wearing their best underwear when dating? One Adam had more pieces in his jocks that in a tailored jacket. Another Adam wore no undies at all. Boxer shorts or Bonds for others. Bring out your best jocks.

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Sexy Eve

We are sleeping together on the third date and that is average. Hhhhhmmmm. This is an interesting statistic to know, but it is up to you and Adam to establish the rules that suit you. Sex plays on the mind of online daters. Wishing you many pleasurable moments.

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Speechless Eve

What do you say when ‘that’ time comes? Things are going well between you and Adam. The coffee cups are on the coffee table. There’s no longer anything to clutch onto…. except….Often this isn’t the time for words. Have a fabulous night!

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Subconscious Eve

My subconscious brain knows a lot more about my dating preferences than my conscious brain. I call this ‘layers of compatibility’. I don’t like: cluttered houses; and being talked at. I do like: laughing; and a romantic. I’ve found sex is an important ‘layer of compatibility’. Enjoy finding out about yours.

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