Serendipitous Eve

Dear Dater Coincidences on dates are amusing – like the Adam that bought his first house on the street I now live in. Or the Adam that was going out with a Eve with the same name as a friend of mine, who’d just broken up with an Adam with the same name as this […]

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Sorted Eve

When is the ‘right’ time to start dating? Of course this varies for everyone. I suggest you will have more success with dating when you life is sorted out. What this looks life for you is unique. Give it a go!

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Self-reflecting Eve

Tonight we say goodbye to 2016. A great time for self-reflection. I suggest you write a list of 100 accomplishments. You’ll end up with a wonderful representation of you and your life. It is a great way to get in touch with who you are and what is important to you. What would you like to be acknowledged for from 2016? Fit in many of the things you love in 2017. Love is a great guide in life and leads to riches beyond measure.

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Shelling Out Eve

There is a fine line now in the dating world when it comes to paying. The issue is no-one knows where the line is. Some Adams complain that he is expected to pay, others feel less ‘manly’ if Eve pays. Hoping you don’t pay the price when you pay.

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Something’s got to give Eve

Here we are – just before Christmas – surrounded by Christmas cheer and finding gifts for our loved ones. Combing my gifts exchanging and the reflection that often comes with the end of the year I find myself in a bizzare situation. The Adam I’ve been seeing is not doing a good impersonation of a single Adam or an Adam cheating on his wife. I don’t understand what’s going on, but each time we meet I’m drawn in again – hook line and sinker. Your thoughts please. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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Some More Eve

One of the things I have discovered is there are always Adams who have done more of the things I have done – gardening, renovating and having kids. Part of me feels like I haven’t done enough as I compare myself to these new benchmarks. I should admire the efforts. I certainly marvel at 7 kids!

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Self-absorbed Adam

Where is the Eve in the title? That is my point – beware of the self-absorbed Adam!!! There is no room for Eve. Being talked at – not having questions answered – getting a response from Adam that is all about him. When you are faced with a self-absorbed Adam – recognise the fact and RUN!!!!!

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Siamese Twins Eve

We all seem to be searching for someone ‘just like us’. On one date I met my clone. Now I have met someone living a parallel life, I can see a person with the same life as me is not actually ideal. It is the differences that create an edge in a relationship – not a clone. Have you met your clone?

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Symbolic Eve

When I started online dating I assigned symbolism to Adams – songs and star sign compatibility. Now I know about the pace of online dating I assign my symbolism to m&ms. May your symbols, stars, songs, smiles and sex align!

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Stylish Eve

Part of the thrill of dating is the glamour and the gowns. You dress up. You want to look good… but not be over-dressed. You want to blend in with Adam’s style… but have no idea of what that is. Avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Dress to impress.

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