Standards Eve

Answering multiple questions for online dating sites is supposed to help match you with compatible Adams. For example “Do you eat 1) fast-food burgers or 2) fast-food chicken nuggets?” By picking one of these two options you could be matched with your perfect partner. REALLY? Although I had incredible success with my first date from a matching online dating site my beliefs were blown when I returned to the site months later. May your personality do the matching for you.

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Setting up Your Profile Eve

I commenced my online dating profile with just one word which sent my computer wild – pings – zapping sounds and this message appears on my screen. “I think we have something in common – I’d like to know more about you”. NEW Eves get remarkable responses. When setting up your online dating profile avoid using cliches. Be intrigiung and be yourself!

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Separated not Single Eve

I’d decided to take the plunge and set up an online dating profile. An evening of answering hosts of questions, loading photos and bravery came to nothing. This site does not consider ‘separated’ people to be ‘single’. All that effort for nothing…..

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