Stop Eve

Dear Dater,

There have been times when my friends say ‘Stop Eve – Just stop Eve!’

Friends have told me to stop when I’m rattling off the latest list of short lived meetings/ or not with Adams – where there are no connections – no interest – no spark – no point. 

These times include when my friend says ‘If you are doubting that you have any wonderful attributes you should give it a rest’.   We were discussing recent encounters with an Adam – for me the ‘Slice of Eve’ reflected in me the serious, day job, analytical, studious and boring side of me.  It is so much better for everyone when you have a zest for life and shine.

All dates have an impact. Some a wonderful impact that super-charge you. Other dates you just wish would end. I’m sure you know what I mean. The great dates lead onto more dates and relationships. Hopefully you recognise the awful dates for what they are and more on fast. When you start out on the dating journey this isn’t as clear as it becomes later. That’s all part of the experience. As your online dating journey continues hopefully the good times outweigh the bad ones.  At times even the great times can be exhausting.

There are signs to watch for that show you need a break from online dating:

  • You seem to be reading the same Adam profiles again and again
  • You haven’t gone near a dating site for weeks
  • You aren’t chatting with any interested Adams
  • You’ve been on a series of dates without any spark
  • You are doubting your ability to hold an interesting conversation with Adams
  • You are doubting your ability to meet an Adam that lights your fire
  • You seem to be running out of local restaurants for dinner
  • The grass on your regular walking track has been worn out

Oh yeah – another thing that can take a major hit, while online dating, are your emotions. At times the emotional roller coaster ride is wild.

So when some of these, or god forbid, all of them are showing up for you take a break.

Oh yeah – there’s another thing that can have you stop online dating

  • You meet a wonderful Adam

This is the hope of many Eves on the dating journey. (Not sure that so many Adams have that goal in mind – with notches on the bedpost being of more interest – Another thing you are likely to learn on your online dating journey).

So back to the happily ever after story. It does happen and now with online dating being almost the only meeting method being used it will interesting to see what dating habits young people adopt.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing numbers of scammers and Adams who lie. Safety in online dating is the most important element. In my experience I was fortunate not to encounter an scammers. With the exception of the time I thought I might get blackmailed….Over time I did find Adams were stretching truth in a number of ways. The smokers, the six month types, the Adams I rang to let them know random breath testing was between my place and theirs. Then there were Adams who thought washing was the most important part of their life. Others who drove away anyone who ever were part of their lives.

The journey is a roller coaster ride. Remember the good times and know that finding love and giving your heart exercise is an important part of life.

Ohhh and I’ve got another reason to stop online dating – the dating sites are full of fake profiles and the Adams that respond scam you. This is what dating site reviews are saying at the moment. A very ordinary position to be in as a single person….. An Adam’s perspective is online dating sites are now full of hookers.

Pretty unfortunate when the scammers are the dating sites themselves. Seems they are trying to scam the scammers.

Wishing you every success on your online dating journey.

May you expand your world and get what you wish for. Perhaps it doesn’t have to include on-line dating…

Let me know about your online dating adventures.

Surely Eve

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