Stud Finder Eve

Dear Dater,

Double meanings can be amusing at times. At the moment I’m working with a stud finder. I am also reading about a dating agency that was offering to be a stud finder and doing dodgy deals. The agency was saying they were stud finders, but in reality they were working with a shortage of Adams and rehashing them for months and months after their subscription with the agency ended.  The reason Eves were discovering this was because they were asking the Adams they were being matched with, about their experience with the agency. This openness was making the agency angry. Other anomalies that were upsetting the Eves were the professions of the Adams. Expecting highly paid professionals the Eves were surprised to find the stud finding agency matched them with an unemployed Adam. A few reasons there to be finding another way to date.

My stud finding, other than dating, is to hang a very large mirror. As I browse the shelves of one large hardware store, I find that the hooks on offer, even when attached to a stud, don’t go near the weight I need. Asking the guy in the store about the hook I can see on my mobile screen I find that this store doesn’t have them. I have to go to a bigger store. I am reminded of different dating sites and the different Adams on the sites. You can see what you want, you think you know what you want, but finding what you’re after is a whole other story.

At the next bigger hardware store I find the hook isle and look high and low for the hook I’ve got on my mobile screen. The repeat of what was available in the other store is mostly what I see, but now there are cup hooks. Again I’m reminded of dating sites. There are often the same Adams on a few different sites, with occasionally a new variety. As you peruse this anomaly Adam you try and work out whether he is more like what you are looking for, or less. In my case these new found cup hooks are just not going to cut it.

Next I work on finding the brand name. I work my way along the shelves reading the labels. The bright orange lettering jumps out, but it’s not the brand I’m looking for. (Similar to the loud and brash Adams that send you constant messages). I keep looking along one side of the aisle. Then I switch to the other. (Similar to switching dating sites because you feel you have exhausted your options). This brand name stays elusive for a long while. Finally, I spot the brand name – small font in grey. Hardly eye catching. Hardly visible, but the product seems to be exactly what I need. Hooks that screw into the wall and hold up to 45 kilograms. (Similar to Adams you may meet that at first glance my not quite look the part, but after you get to know them they are worth their weight in gold). Now with the hooks in hand I go in search of a tile drill bit.

In life it is common that you get one thing and it leads to you having to get something else. I compare the drill bits to the screw width and decide it is easier to buy 2 different sizes and work out which one works when the job is being done. I consider getting a pack of tile drill bits, but I don’t think I’ll be needing them often and the pack starts a size larger than the smallest one in my hand. It is often the case that things are not simple. I’m pleased I have what I need.

At this stage I haven’t even got to the stud finder. For this project to work I have to find the studs in the wall that backs on to the large tiled wall and work out from there where the studs are behind the tiles. At the moment I am wondering if having 2 holes in each hook is going to weaken the tile and crack it. As the year comes to an end this seems to be a parallel to how I’m feeling – weakened and ready to crack. During my more relaxed phases I plan to go and get a stud finder and make the job  easier. As with any tool, or expert, to help you – some are better than others.

I hope I don’t end up with a dodgy stud finder that is unable to uncover the stud I’m after.

I hope your ability to find a stud is top notch.

Here’s to you finding the stud of your dreams.

Surely Eve

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