Sassy Broad Eve

Dear Dater,

I went on a date with an Adam once who told me he only dated ‘Sassy Broads’. I’ve just looked at the images of ‘Sassy Broads’ and I am none the wiser….

The definition of sassy tells me – Lively, bold and full of spirit, cheeky. These attributes are fine. There are plenty of Eves who would happily be bold, lively and cheeky. As I read on I find sassy is similar to ’audacious’ and ‘forward’. These terms are terms you may want to be associated with, but as I read on I find sassy is also similar to impertinent, shameless, discourteous  and disrespectful. I don’t know too many Eves that want to have those characteristics. I certainly don’t.

Let’s move onto broad. Initial I think of the back of a bus… Let’s see what the actual definition is. I find that it is slang for a woman. As I keep reading I discover that broad was a term used for slave women with wide hips, or a prostitute or easy lay. It is a disrespectful term for a woman.

So putting these together this Adam is wanting to date discourteous, easy lay Eves.

This Adam went on to tell me that he’d been dating this Eve for a while and then he was shocked when she laid him in her car.  Piecing this all together – Isn’t that what he’s hoping for?

When I first heard the term, sassy broad, I thought it was a brazen busty Eve. Maybe that is what Adam also thought he was after. I’d hope he wasn’t wishing for a slave woman. These days who’d know.

So as the date progressed and Adam was realising more and more I wasn’t a disrespectful prostitute I was realising he was not appreciating the surrounds.  We were in a café in gardens. The gardens were the drawcard for me and the café was reasonable by my standards.  Not Adams. He rated the café as less than mediocre.  As we talked more I discovered Adam had no affinity with nature. As I was longing to walk in the gardens I was discovering Adam had no affinity with walking.  This really wasn’t going well. It wasn’t a date where you discover common ground and find similarities to build on. It was the instant uncovering of completely unrelated worlds where common ground was as rare as hen’s teeth.

We parted politely saying ‘Thanks for coming’. We both knew that there was no reason to meet again. I’d promised to give him a book when we met. We did have one common interest. We both like the same famous singer. I’d just finished reading his autobiography – so I handed it over. He seemed surprised that I kept my end of the deal. I hope he read it and enjoyed it. If he didn’t I hope he made the book available for others to read.

Meeting people when dating is the only way to get an idea of what they are really like. Exchanges on dating sites and texts and chats give you a glimpse, but meeting up in person lets you see Adam in a whole new light. Sometimes it shines brightly for you. Sometimes it gives off the faintest glow.

Apparently now dating in person is getting rarer and rarer. Like hen’s teeth. I suggest you get out there and meet Adam and see if his smile lights you up. See if his humour makes you laugh. Or see if he’s looking for a sassy broad. One way or the other you’ll find out if this Adam is what you’re looking for.

Here’s to yours and Adams ideals and terminology aligning

Be careful what you wish for!

Surely Eve

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