Suboptimal Profiles for Eve

Dear Dater

So today I move from Adam profiles [Splendid Profiles to Attract Eve] to Eve profiles. Guidance once again comes from online advice. I start with an article where Adam is letting Eve’s know what their online dating profiles should include….Being an Adam he suggests he should know…. First Eve profile suggestion

                I find myself clicking and vibing best with the men who are driven and smart, and up for a             good time and a little silliness! If you can make me laugh out loud, then you are way ahead of the line!

Adam’s advice for Eve goes on to state that Adams are visual creatures and Eve’s profile picture will make or break the deal.. choose the photo that captures fully who you are as a woman. A photo that captures your zest for life, passion and positivity. A little sexiness, but not too much.

So let me evaluate this profile about Eve…. Eve selects and Adam who is drive, smart and likes to have fun [All about Adam actually]. Adam should make me laugh [All about Adam]. Oh Eve does like to laugh.

What do we know about Eve? She likes to laugh and date smart Adams.

Let’s try another suggested Eve profile

                Men who are confident, full of passion and intelligent are one hundred percent welcome so            come into my world!

Let’s look at what this suggested Eve profile says about Eve. Attributes about Adam – confident, passionate and intelligent can be part of Eve’s life.  Again remarkably little about Eve. Maybe we could assume she’s confident, passionate and intelligent – but maybe not….

From an example of an actual Eve profile

                I bought my first house last year. Guess what I found in the attic? Avid reader, love the cinema and enjoy travelling to exotic places for adventures. Work a bit too much. Love my job. I will volunteer for mostly everything and have a go at most things.

So let’s look at what this says about Eve. She has bought a house – so has managed to break into the property market. Great that Eve is putting out an interesting challenge – What was in the attic? Eve starts to get a bit more generic from here. She reads, goes to the movies & loves travelling. She works and then ends with a variation of ‘I’ll try anything once’ line. Well at least we know some things about Eve.

Another example of a profile by Eve

                I’m a goddess. If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best. I’m [big star’s] biggest fan and if you can’t handle that get out of my face!!

My take on what this says about Eve – My initial summary – Hard work. So stay away. Looking at the parts – She expects to be treated like an Angel. She can throw a temper tantrum at any time she likes and expects that Adam will not think anything of it. Eve is infatuated with some popular star so the actual Adam in her life comes a token second.

Reading this I’m starting to wonder if the advice to just write about Adam is a better option 😊

One more real life example of a profile by Eve

            My label maker is my single best purchase of my 20s so far…

I’m wishing I’d read another example….. Maybe this Eve is attempting to connect with an organised Adam. If that’s not Eve’s intention I’m not sure what is. Eve claiming her most interesting attribute is she loves to put labels on everything – for 4 to 9 years. Goodness that’s fascinating.  Do any Adams want to date this Eve???

I’m looking at one more article to advise us on what Eve profiles should include…. The examples were so bad I’m looking for another article….

What is with Eves’? An example of a ‘funny’ profile is

                All you need to lure me into your car is wine and pizza.

Apparently listing two of Adams favourite things and hinting that another one is within reach is all it takes…..

Reading the options I can see if I was an Adam I would not be dating many of these Eves. What a ridiculous situation. I’ve found 1 interesting Eve profile out of 6. Even that one fades in the second half. So it seems that Eve writing about the Adam in an attempt to get an Adam to resonate with his own attributes is the solution.  Make sure you include a stunning set of photos…..

What a joke. It seems the online dating world is even crazier than I thought…..

What are your views on the Eve profile examples?  Am I missing something? Are you tempted to write these things? Or be lured to date an Eve who writes these profiles?

Here’s to Eves who are capable of writing interesting profiles that attract the right kind of Adams. My only advice is don’t use the internet to give you tips.

Let me know that there are interesting Eve profiles out there….

Surely Eve

PS Happy Valentines Day xxooxx

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