Spiders and Eve

Dear Dater,

A while ago now I wrote about [Swans or Swallows] comparing Adam to birds. At the time I offered to write about Spiders and Eve. This story is much more alarming. Spiders are alarming for many people without knowing much about them – just based on their appearance. It turns out that the size of female and male spiders of the same species varies enormously. I mean enormously – like 50:1 with the female spider being up to 50 times bigger than the male.  This results in the male spider approaching the female with fear and trepidation. Working at getting her attention at the opportune moment – when she’s in a good mood. Perfectly understandable.

This hesitancy in approach becomes even more understandable when you find out that some female spiders eat the male spider after mating. Quite an alarming end.

Hopefully dating Eves is not so nerve wracking. There are elements of the male spider approach that do have some merit – encouraging Eve to be in a good mood. Everyone prefers a light an airy approach. Being relaxed and good humoured are great traits to bring to dating and relationships.

Of course the traits that should not be replicated when dating Adam is – don’t eat him after sex. It really isn’t good form.

Here’s to your dating journey being on a much more even keel.

Let me know if your dating experiences resemble spiders in any way.

Surely Eve

7 thoughts on “Spiders and Eve

  1. Haha… yes, mine resembles spider’s, though I’m an Adam. Some Eves are just so nice you’d want to eat them alive or to put them in your pocket, if it were so possible, and go around showing them off and having your ‘taste’ whenever you want, haha. Anyway, i’ve learnt quite… didn’t know the female spider was way oversized than the male one. Good to know… and even the other figurative way.


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