Shared Experiences Eve

Dear Dater,

With our dates we meet Adams from all walks of life.  These meetings expand our experience of the world. We see Adams who have faced so many challenges, experienced so many things. These experiences are different to our own. This is true of everyone we meet.

For dating to be successful it is important for us to get interested in our differences and our similarities. Getting interested in Adam’s life and habits and hobbies. Getting interested in building your relationship and joint experiences. Getting interested in your feelings and pleasurable experiences. Building your relationship in all sorts of ways.

There are so many examples of shared experiences

  • dinners
  • walks
  • holidays
  • existing interests
  • new interests
  • communicating
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • dancing

Share great times and support each other – This is what relationships are all about. It’s like the saying – The sum of the parts are greater than the whole. Our shared knowledge grows.

When we visit wonderful places and see great things we want to share this with others. We don’t want to have the experience by ourselves because being able to share them makes them even better. When we experience hard times we appreciate it when there’s someone to listen and support us. We want to grow together. When we want to try a new direction, it is great to have the encouragement of Adam.

Let me know some of the things you enjoy about shared experiences.

Keep smiling and have lots of fun

Surely Eve

One thought on “Shared Experiences Eve

  1. Dear writer, I agree that in this walk of life we meet all varieties of Eves and the unifying factors can always help. 😀. Such a thoughtful and helpful piece indeed! Couldn’t even resist to follow you. Let’s connect. 🤝💖💖


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