So Many Experts Eve

Dear Dater,

It fascinates me that there are so many experts giving Eves dating advice. Utube and Ted Talks have all sorts of experts telling Eves all sorts of things.

I’ve seen some fabulous advice from Eves on how embracing Adam in a big hug and saying Ahhhh Haaaaa in a drawn out way, can instigate wonderful connections and intimacy. I’ve tested this out and know it works wonderfully. Give it a go!

I’ve also heard Eves talk about the fact that 25% of Eves orgasm with penetration and the importance in relationships of shared pleasure through intimacy that works for both partners. Lots of exciting exploration in stall. This type of advice from experts is invaluable. Hearing about topics that aren’t often discussed can be a great thing.

Frequently advice of what to look for in a partner ends up being live a fulfilled life that makes you happy. Your happiness will make you shine and this will attract others. Knowing that you are in the relationship to have your needs met – rather than expect to find happiness from Adam is another tip. I agree with these, but have an issue with how long it takes experts to get to the point. That’s why I’ve summarised it here for you.

But be wary of other ‘expert’ tips….

One of the things I’ve noticed is to get the advice on how to deal with relationships there are lots of Adam presenters who inform Eves about what Eves should be doing. Adams are telling Eves that Adam is no longer impressed by what Eve cooks. Adam’s stomach is no longer the way to his heart. Uber eats is the reason apparently. What intrigues me is why don’t Adams give Adams advice about what Adams should be doing?

Another Adam gives advice to smart and successful Eves and lets Eves know the traits of Adams that they should be leaving by the wayside on the dating journey.  This approach for me just seems to lure in wealthy Eves. Surely it would be better to inform Eves about appealing Adam traits rather than traits of the Adams to leave behind? I think this is a marketing ploy rather than useful expert opinions. These experts who tell you the top 5 things to do to attract Adams, or identify if Adam is actually rich, or determine if Adam actually likes you are all likely to be making gross generalisations… that’s assuming their five tips are actually based on any facts at all. This advice may be true for some Adams…. But ALL?

Also important when listening to these expert tips is to think – Does that resonate with me?  Is that what I want? Is that how I measure success of a relationship?  If your answer is No then that’s fine. These internet expert tips are not the ‘be all and end all’ rules of the dating world. Anyone in it will know there aren’t any rules.  Following someone else’s may make your journey harder that it has to be. 

Be true to yourself is my ‘expert’ advice.

As I mentioned briefly earlier – What intrigues me is how long it takes for the presenters to give their message. For me I’d prefer the presenter to cut to the chase with the key messages clear and simple and in under 5 minutes. Is this just me? When it comes to messages, I like short and sweet. Do you want to listen to these presenters for twenty-five minutes?

Let me know if you have any favourite experts. Or whether you are also wondering why Adams are giving their expert advice to Eves rather than giving it to Adams. Or to both Eves and Adams.

All of us have our own personalities and our own likes and dislikes. When we met an Adam we form a unique relationship. It is that relationship that needs your attention, rather than giving your attention to the view of experts about your relationship.

Here’s to you knowing you are your own expert!!!

Surely Eve

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