Self-aware Eve

Dear Dater

One of the many things I’ve learned from online dating is I don’t know very much about myself.  When asked simple questions I was unable to think of responses – questions like:

  • What is your favourite food? – Part of my problem is I love lots of food
  • What are your five year goals? – This is not a way of thinking I’ve ever applied
  • Are you a dog or a cat person? – Are you allowed to be neither?
  • How tall are you? – I really have no idea as I have no need to measure myself.

Questions that you could ask yourself, to help understand yourself, in preparation for questions coming your way include:

  • What gets you excited about life?
    • Understanding your passions helps in so many ways – gets you pumping and gives you direction in life
  • What brings you joy?
    • Seeing the beauty in the world around you shapes your attitudes in so many ways
  • What 5 achievements are you most proud of?
  • What are your hobbies?
    • Hobbies are a great way to expand our lives. Our knowledge. Our connections with others. If you don’t have any – get some
  • What makes you smile?
    • Small children pushing tiny trolleys at the hardware shop were making me smile the other day. We all have different senses of humour. Getting on the same page as Adam with your humour is a great foundation for a wonderful relationship.
  • What do you want in a partner?
    • It was suggested to me years ago to have a list. I’ve written a few over the years. One of the things I remember above all else about writing the list is remember to add in the mystery element – the unknown qualities that you forget to add to your list – or that you didn’t factor in because you didn’t know it was ‘a thing’ – until you met this Adam. Also be aware of the [Searching for Perfection Eve] element where no Adam will ever meet all your expectations.

Once you have at least some answers to these questions you can ask others. Perhaps Adams on a date???

At least these questions, in my opinion, are more interesting than many of the dating question suggestions on the internet.

You can also just chat with Adam and see where your conversations take you… with your inside knowledge of yourself – your passion for life and smiling, mysterious attitude you will charm Adam – while you determine if he has the attributes on your list.

Here’s to many sensational chats filled with mystery and intrigue – rather than cats and dogs.

(Remember – when Adam can only talk about washing – walk away) [Sorted Eve]

Also remember what ever takes your fancy you are a star!

Shine brightly!!!

Surely Eve

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