Seeing Into Their Heart Eve

Dear Dater,

One thing I’ve found that gives me the most reliable insight into Adam is seeing into his heart. Finding out how big Adam’s heart is. For me a big heart goes a long way to forming a great relationship.

Do you know what I mean?

Adam’s I’ve met show tell tale signs about their heart:

  • claiming he is an animal lover, but having a dog that is frightened of him
  • Offering to go on a holiday, but breaking up before it occurred
  • Offering compliments, but not making times to meet
  • Claiming to be ready of a new relationship, but complaining about their ex Eve
  • telling their kids it’s his car and he will listen to any music he likes, when a change of music is requested.

More positive signs relating to Adam’s heart include:

  • Caring for kids, understanding they are great reasons to continue communication with Ex Eves
  • Adam taking his kids to do things they love
  • Making time to give me massages
  • Encouraging a relationship with great communication

There have been times where I have paid too much attention to other elements of Adam’s lives:

  • The places they’ve been
  • The jobs they’ve had
  • Where they live
  • Claims they’ve made

Gradually I piece together the stories they tell. The ones that say more about their hearts:

  • They fall out with all their friends
  • People who have helped them in the past are not willing to help them in the future
  • The relationships with their families.

I use this information to determine whether to keep seeing Adam or whether to keep searching.  Now I know that it is better to start listening to the stories earlier and piecing together a picture of Adam’s heart and values.  Having common values forms a very strong foundation for a great relationship.

Listen for Adams heart size and listen to your heart. Is this the Adam for you?

You will know when you have found an Adam with a big heart. You’ll know that your heart is worth giving to the right Adam. Remember Adam will also be listening out for the size of your heart.

When you find an Adam with a big heart may your hearts beat together.

Let me know what you’ve discovered when listening to Adam’s heart.

Surely Eve

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