Solutions with Eve

Dear Dater

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about ‘Men Are From Mars – Women Are From Venus’ the book by John Gray. My friend had never read it and was surprised I had. I was giving this Eve a summary of part of it I always found confusing….

                An Adam from Mars goes to a village to fight a dragon. When he finds the dragon he takes out his sword and slays the dragon.  The villagers rejoice and the Princess Eve from Venus, in the castle, falls madly in love with Adam from Mars. 

                Adam from Mars heads off and returns to the village the next day to find a second dragon. As Adam from Mars reaches for his sword Princess Eve from Venus looks out the castle window and calls out to Adam from Mars that this dragon can’t be killed with a sword – tosses poison out the window in a bottle – which is caught by Adam from Mars. With the poison Adam from Mars slays the dragon.  The villagers rejoice and Princess Eve from Venus   is pleased to have helped.  Adam from Mars however feels as if his skills and prowess have been undermined. 

                Adam from Mars heads off and returns again on the third day.  Another dragon threatens the village.  Again Adam from Mars reaches for his sword.  Now Princess Eve from Venus calls out that this dragon is only killed with fire and throws down some matches. Adam from    Mars lights a match and the dragon recoils and is easily slain.  Again the villages rejoice and Princess Eve is happy to have helped.  Adam from Mars however feels completely deflated and like his skills are of no use.  As the villagers party into the night Adam from Mars heads quietly away and does not return.           

This is my recollection of part of the book that always has me wondering – How do Adams and Eves work on solutions together? It seems that with each suggestion from Eve Adam’s ego is deflated. 


I’ve asked Adams about this – How could Adam and Eve design a lounge room together?

Adams’ answers include:

  • Oh I’d leave interior design to Eve
  • You’re miss-interpreting the story – It doesn’t mean that – it doesn’t apply to lounge rooms
  • Establish the parts Adam or Eve want to do separately

My friend Eve suggested that if Adam from Mars had his ego deflated if Eve made suggestions then let him ride off into the sunset.  I agree and have come up with ways Adam and Eve can develop successful solutions.

Work together to:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Dream up and discuss ideas
  3. Delve into creativity and possibility
  4. See what best aligns with the intended outcome
  5. Schedule the solution into your lives.

So I suggest:

  • leaving the dragons to live long and happy lives
  • leaving egos out of the equation and
  • appreciating the similarities between Adam and Eve – rather than the differences.

Let me know what you and Adam are solving successfully.

Surely Eve

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