Smiling Eve

Dear Dater,

“Smile, happiness looks gorgeous on you.”

Smiling is a wonderful skill. It is also incredibly easy and inexpensive.  We should all be doing it.  It is one of the simplest ways to lighten up our mood and put a spark in our day. It has been shown to improve our health, reduce our blood pressure and also impact those around us in positive way. What a fabulous facial feature.

I know there are people you meet that just have an energy and zest about them.  When I think about what it is that attracts me to these people it is often their positivity and their smile.

Have you met Adams who smile and present you with gifts? Flowers and chocolates. Wonderful gifts of appreciation. Gestures of generosity.  Adams who charm you with their smile and have you laughing into the night?

Fortunately for me I have. For me smiles are a key to success. A must have in my Adam.

Strangely there are Adams, and I’m sure Eves, that haven’t yet adopted the power of the smile:

  • Its hypnotic magnetism
  • Its alluring charm.

Why are we avoiding this simple symmetry?

Possibly we are:

  • Too caught up in our serious selves
  • Expecting some else to do all the ‘hard work’
  • Thinking there are more important things to do
  • Not factoring in how grateful we are for what we have.

Gratitude is a buzz word at the moment, but the message is not new.  Winning the lottery of life is something to smile about.  Think about all the events that took place that resulted in you being born. Things continued to go well enough in your life for you to be reading this. Celebrate the small stuff, rather than sweat the small stuff. All these elements combine inside you and result in a radiating glow.  The energy and zest I mentioned earlier.  Your mindset and attitude shape your life in ways you’re not even conscious of.

I so admire people who have faced huge challenges in their lives and still manage to smile.

We can never tell what other people have encountered.  When we meet an Adam we see the culmination of his life – condensed into the time we have together. This time together is all you have to build on.  From this encounter do you want to meet again? Or walk away fast?

I’m sure there must be scientific studies that show Adams who smile on dates have higher success rates than serious Adams who winged and complain.

I expect the same goes for Eves.

So smile and the world smiles with you.


Surely Eve

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