Spiritual Eve

Dear Dater

How is home life treating you? Are you getting familiar with all the nooks and crannies of your home?  Are you getting out for a bit of exercise?  Have you taken up some new hobbies? Apparently musical instruments purchases are on the rise. Are you getting familiar with your Adam?

A friend of mine has put me onto a 21 day meditation with tasks attached. (This link is to an Intuitive Life Coach who has made this Facebook page available to everyone. I have no connection to this person, I just want you to have access to the tasks).  I am just over half way and enjoying all the concepts that are introduced.  I recommend it. It has helped me see how I view all sorts of aspects of my life. For example –

  • Money [Spending Habits Eve]. I have realised I should appreciate all the items I buy, rather than wish I was doing something else with my money.
  • Living in the Now [Shaped by the Past Eve]. Going with the flow, rather than resist what is changing around you.
  • Acceptance [Shapely and Sophisticated Eve] – accepting who you are with the freedom to create the you that’s right for the moment.

One of the ideas discussed is from Buddhism and introduces the universe as an elegant symphony, with all elements exactly as they should be.  By connecting with your inner stillness and defining your intentions the universe will provide for you.  This is a pretty amazing claim. It gets better as this occurs with ease.  “Really?” I hear you say. If I hadn’t actually experienced this myself I would also question it.  Through the meditation I have done previously I have found if I take a question with me into the meditation I get a simple answer that really makes sense to me.  It has resulted in me redesign my kids rooms.  This wasn’t even on my radar. But Wow!

Being on your radar is what this is about.  If you trust the cosmic plan you will begin a magical adventure where your desires are met with grace and ease.  Wow what an offer!  Who doesn’t want to go on an adventure like that?

So how does this relate to online dating?

Well if you want love in your life you put love on your radar.  Actually, another component of this universal magic is basing all your life on a foundation of love.  This symphony of life is based on giving out what you want to receive.  How?

  • Treat everyone around you with love and respect.
  • Get interested in helping others.
  • Get interested in the people around you.
  • Get interested in finding out about your Adam.
  • Get interested in understanding what is important to you.

These steps will have you recognise the wonders of the world around you and you will find your romance and your life blossom around you.

Take action and make ordinary things extraordinary!

Deliver everything you dreamed of. And more!!!

Let me know what wonders are in your world.

Surely Eve

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