Social Distancing Eve

Dear Dater

Well it seems the only topic across the world at the moment is the Coronavirus. So here’s my take on how social distancing impacts online dating.

So all us Eves and Adams:

  • Can’t travel
  • Can’t get together in groups
  • Can’t meet in bars, restaurants or cafes
  • Can’t get closer than 1.5 metres
  • Can’t leave our houses

This makes dating seriously difficult. Gives online dating a whole new meaning.

So here are all us online daters sitting around in isolation. Literally all of us with nowhere to go.

As my Adam so eloquently put it “It used to be called Quality Time. Now it is called Quarantine Time.”

An online dating friend of mine just started dating a new Adam recently.  What are they going to do to stay connected?

Teenage Adams want to catch up with teenage Eves.

There are jokes about pets wondering what is going on with people staying home all the time.    Dogs: Wow!  Great they’re here!!!!  Cats:  When are they leaving?

There are other jokes going around about there being a baby boom in 9 months time – given all the lovers around the world are staying home – night and day. The babies will be known as Coronials.

But maybe us Adams and Eves are not in the same household, the same state or the same country?

So what options do we have:

  • Our phones – for chats, texts, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, SnapChat, Signal – So many ways for our virtual connection. So many technologies I am very wary of.

My phone provider just gave me more data for the month to ‘stay connected’. Connected in a disconnected sort of way. Nothing matches the real deal – that physical connection.

But maybe you haven’t got to the “Exchange phone number” stage. Maybe your phone connections aren’t enough? Maybe you are between Adams and hoping to connect with a new Adam?

What approach do you take? Do you social distance for the ‘Greater Good’?  Do you play the new Russian Roulette with your own health and the health of your family and friends?  The latest silent killer.

In these challenging dating times find the best way to stay connected that you can. Kindness, compassion and gratitude are all being encouraged.  Maybe we can be encouraging too.

Let me know if Coronavirus is cramping your style.

Stay well!!!!

Surely Eve

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