Swans or Swallows? Eve

Dear Dater,

I have been wondering about how Adams compare with birds.  By this I mean I am interested in comparing dating habits of birds with dating habits of Adams.  We might even get to spiders or praying mantises that kill and eats the Adam after sex. But let’s start with birds.

Apparently larger birds like geese, swans, eagles and some owls mate for life.  This is due to the time needed to migrate, establish territories, incubate the eggs and raise the young leaves little time, or energy to attract a mate.

  • So do we take it that Adams that want to find a life partner are the busy Adams who just don’t have enough time to bother with sprucing themselves up, time and time again to attract multiple Eves?
  • Or do we take the romantic line and say the Adams that want to find a life partner are the strong, romantic types who want to create wonderful life-long memories with the one Eve?

Other birds are known as monogamous.  These birds pair up for one nesting cycle. One year with one set of offspring.  The next year both birds pair up with another partner.

  • So here we have an Adam who hangs around with an Eve long enough to sire some offspring and then flits off to find a new love interest.
  • Or do we take the romantic line and say these Adams were keen enough to have a child with Eve – but the reality of the demanding , chirping mouth to feed didn’t match up to the hopes and dreams?

Other birds, like Doves and Robins form bonds and stay together for several seasons.  These pairs creating 4 or 5 sets of offspring together.

  • So here we have Adams and Eves that really seem keen on ‘giving it a go for the kids’ and weren’t turned off from the challenges of having one child so have more kids. Adam seems to be the family man…. For a while at least.
  • Or do we take the romantic line and say that the devotion that Adam feels for Eve and his kids has him being the ideal family man?

There is a bird in Australia – the Blue Wren – that hangs around with multiple Jenny Wrens.  The Harem of the bird world.

  • So do we take it that this Adam just pulls the Eves without blinking?
  • Or do we take the romantic line and say this Adam is devoted to his group of Eve followers and shows them all plenty of love and affection?

But there’s more to the Blue Wren than meets the eye.  It was thought that he just hung out with his group of Jenny Wrens  – But now it is thought that also flits off and works his magic on other groups of Jenny Wrens.  This theory is based on the size of the Blue Wren’s balls – which are proportionately huge.

  • So we know Adams like this. Especially the younger Adams who are out for sex when they can get it – Certainly not interested in any level of commitment.
  • So these Adams love to strut their stuff – getting their rocks off.

Well just like in the bird world there are Adams of all types.

Which Adam are you looking for?  The Owl? The Wren or the Dove?

Today’s topic has been used up with birds. So I’ll have to write another blog on spiders and praying mantis.  Thinking about it these insects are more about Eve characteristics than Adams.

So for now fly off and find a feathered friend.

Let me know what has you cooing and what ruffles your feathers when it comes to the mating patterns of Adams.

Surely Eve

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