Spending Habits Eve

Dear Dater,

Following on from [Small Change Eve] and [Shelling Out Eve] – The topic we’re told not to discuss – MONEY.

We all know that we have different spending habits.  There are so many terms – such as:

–  champagne taste on a beer budget

– moths in your wallet

– money flows freely

– careful spender

– last of the big spenders

– rich mans’ world

To add to this smorgasbord of terms we include in the mix:

– credit cards and

– online shopping

We literally have the world at our fingertips. We don’t have to travel to the shops anymore.  We don’t have to search through wracks.  We don’t lug our clothes to a change room and slip in and out of each garment.  Now we do a split second search.  Look at multiple options from all over the world.  Select the size, model and make at the cost that suits us.  We don’t even have to get out of bed. Our instant purchase is delivered to our door within days and we have barely lifted a finger – quite literally.  We are getting addicted to this easy shopping experience.  Our credit card details are saved on all our devices – making it a seamless process where we barely have to think.  Ideal for the providers…. Just what they desire – impromptu purchases.

That’s just clothes as an example.  What about travel and cars and bikes and makeup?  What about wines, computers and furniture?  What’s in your latest parcel?

Then we add online dating and the varied spending habits of Adam and Eve.

Eves’ often have the reputation that money flows like water

Adams’ like boys’ toys

Then we add in whose money are you spending:


Eves? Or


The friction money can cause.  Tension that seeps from unspoken concerns.

Finding an Adam with similar spending habits is definitely a bonus.

I suggest regardless of your spending habits and the spending habits of Adam-

  • Live within your means
  • Save for sensational stuff and
  • Enjoy the world around you

It doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Let me know how you and Adam are going with your spending habits.


Happy shopping or should I say saving?

Surely Eve

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