Seriously -Surely Laughing is Essential Eve

Dear Dater

Not too long ago I wrote to you about GSOH – Great Sense of Humour. [Sense of Humour Eve]. As is often the case once I’ve published on a topic some great examples follow.

Laughing is an important part of my life.  I see it as essential.  It seems that this is not the case for some Adams….

As requested by an Adam I am having the pre-meeting phone call.  We chat for 1 and ½ hours – so the conversation had some sort of flow.  The inevitable ‘What do you think of your work?’ came up.  I had had a tough day and my work was not my subject of choice.  I answered taking a broader view explaining that I had a great job with lots of autonomy and a great work life balance.

Then I laughed.

Adam asked ‘Why did you laugh?’. The question coming with the delivery of a court examination – the tone more suited to ‘Why did you steal that precious object?’

My laugh had not been intentional.  It had escaped unintentionally and with no real purpose. Now I was being accused of a malicious act.  I explained that I had laughed as I wasn’t sure what my response about work would be – given the day I’d had.

A few meetings with this Adam had him identify that his daughter didn’t like giggly girls.  Oh so this explained the cross examination on why I would laugh.  Are you for real???? Do Adams really translate their daughter’s preference for not associating with ‘air head’ Eves into not wanting to date Eves that laugh????    Incredible.

The other day I had a date with an Adam who was open about being a serial dater.  We discussed dating sites – with him listing the numerous sites he was on – pros and cons and requesting my advice on others. He’d never married and I wasn’t his type – not enough bust seemed to be one of my issues.  Luckily for me I found him very funny.  I laughed my way through lunch and into the afternoon. I was telling Adam about something I’d written years age.

Then I laughed.

“Oh you laugh at your own jokes”.  Adam spat out the accusation using the tone of disgust I would expect if discussing appalling habits. Are you serious????  Laughing at your own jokes is an abomination now? When did this happen?  I responded telling Adam that I would always laugh at my own jokes.  It seemed essential to establish this early on – as it was a deal breaker for Adam.  I couldn’t believe it.  Laughing a deal breaker????

On a late night phone call with an Adam I’ve never met. – The night before had seen us compare travel stories and family jokes. Tonight Adam fast forwards to getting a bit of excitement.  Adam calls to let me know what he’d like to do.  I’m a bit nervous.

Then I laugh.

Adam comes back with “Why are you laughing?”  I reply “Aren’t we allowed to have some fun?”.  Adam’s response “I expect focus”.  There are definitely times to focus.  Brain surgeons should do it.  I hope drivers do it.  Being intimate with a person has a way to do it – naturally – rather than on demand. Are you for real????  Focus without fun.  I can live without it!

What is it about Adams that seem to have laugh phobia?

If this is the approach Adam brings to laughing – or lack of it – I will keep searching.

Let me know if you are finding funny Adams?

I certainly hope so

Keep laughing

Surely Eve

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