Sense of Humour Eve

Dear Dater,

I love an Adam with a great sense of humour – ‘GSOH’ in the online dating world.

As time goes on I realise how important laughing is to me.  Recently I was telling an online dating friend of mine that with one Adam the only laughter I was getting was laughing at my own jokes.  Another Adam recently gave me an example of wondering if he would find an Eve’s laugh irritating in the future.  Reading between the lines I thought about a future with an Adam who found my laugh irritating.  Not a prospect I found the slightest bit appealing.

Another Adam was hysterical – I loved his sense of humour – his profile said he was born in Antarctica. We joked about how his mother giving birth in Antarctica would be one of the crazier things an Eve could do.  We kept joking about various things as we were chatting.  When we me he was so funny.  He had the same views as me about the online dating line – Like a night out, but also a night in.  Adam was saying things like – Wow are these people Jack in the boxes?  And it’s not exactly rocket science to come up with that one – However I found one exaggeration leads to another and another – He wasn’t a ‘non smoker’ – his car that ‘broke down’ was fixed without any external intervention – he had a partner – sleeping around was his game and I wasn’t interested.

Another Adam started making me laugh as we exchanged messages, but when we met in person he seemed to bring his serious self.

There seems to be some pretty serious Adams around.  Aren’t there Adams who love to laugh too?

Recently I was chatting to an Adam whose profile claimed he was hilarious.  I thought that was a good start.  I mentioned my optimism about his claim.  He replied that that might have been a bit of an exaggeration and that he might make me smile.  Oh well I thought – better than nothing.  As we continued to exchange messages there was not even a smile at my end.  There are ways of showing humour as you message people.  This Adam did not have that skill.  I let him know our common interests from the beginning and we exchanged a few messages about that.  Turns out his claim to fame is procrastinating.  Wow guys – If you are interested in meeting Eves I don’t recommend telling them your main purpose in life is procrastinating.  I’m sure we all do it at times – over different things – but bringing it up before we’d even met seems extraordinary.

Guess what?– the procrastinator and I never did meet.  His claims to being hilarious dwindled into procrastination. They really are not comparable. There is no abbreviation GSOP – Great sense of procrastination.  It will never catch on!

Another Adam broke up with me by sending the funniest text I had ever received.  He had given me a small gift just before Christmas.  His text message questioned if we should seek lawyers advise to determine ownership of the gift.  I thanked him for his hysterical message and replied that surely it was way too early in our relationship to be requiring lawyers, but perhaps I could drop the gift somewhere if he wanted me too.  I’m assuming it was intended to be funny – if not OMG…

Once you meet Adam you find out if they can make you laugh.

Some Adams tell jokes. Others have dry sense of humour.  For me this is one of the most important connections there is…. The ability to laugh together.

Hope your dates are filled with lol and more lol.

Do you look for a GSOH?

Let me know how you’re going finding one.

Surely Eve

PS Happy Valentine’s Day


4 thoughts on “Sense of Humour Eve

  1. I agree, being able to laugh together is important. I don’t know if I would ever be bold enough to say that I can make people laugh but sometimes it just happens naturally. If you want to see some of my silly sense of humour check out my contact tab – no I’m not always like that by the way. Take care.


      1. You are right. Sometimes I just have to be silly. The headline in our local paper read “Gully contractor seeks $75M” so I wrote underneath “So Do I”. There was a big add for a funeral home also … oops!


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