Six Degrees of Separation Eve

Dear Dater

Apparently, we have only six degrees of separation from each other. The idea is that we are all connected by six or less steps. This can be seen when we meet someone who turns out to know someone we know – a friend of a friend.  Occasionally this shows up in an alarming way – as it did for me and Adam recently. We were chatting away – in our usually style – Adam is telling me about a previous Eve, (I have heard possibly a little too much about her)… but anyway….. then Adam tells me that his Ex Eve wants him to meet her new Adam.  Well this is a little alarming in itself, but it gets really alarming for me when I hear a bit about this Adam and find it is one of my Ex Adams.  Oh my God!

His ex Eve is seeing my ex Adam.  This is weirder than weird. There was a moment when I hoped I was wrong. Then as I found out more I thought it was pretty likely. Then with one more piece of information and it is an absolutely certainty.  Oh no!  I can’t believe this.

It gets even stranger as a few days after Adam and I discover this strange coincidence my Adam meets the Ex Eve and the Ex Adam in the local shops. I am very glad I wasn’t there. I could think of few things worse.  I would just want to sink into the earth and get away as fast as I could.  Having to look at these two people would be hard enough – let alone talk to them.

There is another thing I find odd about this.  Apparently the Ex Eve wanted my Adam to meet my Ex Adam (prior to me meeting my Adam) so my Adam could help my Ex Adam.  I wondered why Ex Eve couldn’t help Ex Adam?   I did ask my Adam if he thought his Ex Eve was telling the truth -if she was she should have no issues at all in helping Ex Adam – or anyone else she pleased.

Another strange thing is that Ex Eve does not seem to admit to seeing Ex Adam.

This Ex Adam wouldn’t be my pick of Ex Adams to hang out with.  I have written about him in Scam Free Eve.  When I knew him he had to move out of his rental house.  Now years later he lives in another rental house that he has to move out of.  It seems some things never change.

I was seeing another Adam a while back.  From time to time we would bump into the husband of an Ex Eve of Adam.  Apparently they would socialise from time to time.  Once when we bumped into the husband he was having lunch with a young woman.  My Adam commented that it wasn’t his wife.  I remembered the association and knew why Adam would recognise his wife.  We chatted briefly about the school fete that was about to occur, but my Adam didn’t ask his friend who he was lunching with.

Hope you are following all the Ex Eves and Ex Adams and their goings on.  It certainly seems fact is stranger than fiction.

Have you had any of these close encounters?

I hope you feel more comfortable about them than I do. Let me know about your ex experiences.

Surely Eve

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