Six Stamps Stampede Eve

Dear Dater,

Depending on which site you’re on and what plan you have, you may be like me and have expiry dates on your stamps (your ability to contact Adams).  So I’m in the situation where:

  • two Adams have left my place within 2 weeks [Shared Experiences Eve]
  • I have six stamps to use or loose in about 10 days.

So how did it turn out?

1.   A guy who sends me a message giving me his phone number telling me he is old fashioned and wants to talk not text – I reply saying I would rather text for a while

My impression – too fast as I’m not going to give an Adam I know nothing about my phone number

Result –  I don’t ring him – We don’t meet.

2.   A pilot who leaves work to fly is plane daily – responds with one sentence answers  for around two weeks

My impression – slow and tedious

Result – Neither of us has any desire to meet.

3.   A guy with Greek Gods flowing through his DNA – our chats have us travelling the world

My impression – his desire for a bikini babe is freaking me out – I see he has stopped answering me, but is continuing to check his site daily – He asks me for my phone number – I decline but ask him for his – he gives it to me with 1 minute to spare for our one month of contact.

Result –  I will never ring him.

4.   A vet whose schedule for care for his daughter meant when he wasn’t looking after his daughter he was working [Scheduling Eve]

My impression – our chats felt a bit more like supportive messages of encouragement

Result – as he suspected we were not able to meet and as I met another Adam I took a break from the online dating site.

5.  A guy with incredible scenic photos – we chat effortlessly

My impression – an interesting Adam I definitely want to meet

Result –  We arranged to meet effortlessly – Wow [Similar or Soulmate Eve]

6.   A guy who seemed to love everything I loved – He didn’t respond to my kiss, but I sent him a message anyway to use my last stamp on its last day – I was happy to hear from him…. About twice

My impression – he was more interested in other Eves

Result – we never met – but I did wonder about trying to continue to chat with him – I reconsidered given what is going on for me and number 5). I should just count my lucky stars.

Timing always plays a part when meeting Adams. I am writing this to show a typical experience for me when online dating. These 6 represent the Adams who I got a positive response from. This does not include the countless profiles I read through which had me chose to keep searching, or the kisses I sent and had declined or ignored. Online dating is a constant set of choices by both you and the Adams. [Statistics Eve] The path of the online dater is not a smooth and simple ride. Rather it is a journey into the unknown.

How is your journey going?  Are you approaching it knowing it is not all going to be smooth sailing?  Or are you going in with rose coloured glasses?

Where ever and whatever you’re up to with your journey – Enjoy the ride!

Surely Eve

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