Similar or Soulmate Eve

Dear Dater,

Finding similarities and connections are important factors when dating. Sometimes the connection comes through the shared hobbies, interests or physical attraction. Physical features – similarities of our appearance. You see it all around town. Eves and Adams who look alike – sometimes even wearing matching outfits – you know the ones I mean.  It is also a trait between owners and their pets. I have always had a theory that people choose partners that look like them when they feel comfortable with their own appearance.

Similarities are what connect us. We find we have that common interest and it increases our feeling of being connected.  Recently I met an Adam who seemed interesting from the start, but as I found out more about him I began to wonder if soulmates existed. (Not something I’d given much thought to prior to now).  Let me show you why….

Scenario Similar Adam Soulmate Adam
Home maintenance Adam Offers to fix one thing and sometimes carries out one task Fixed three things in two visits and promises to fix more things
Romantic Adam Prepares a candle lit dinner Brings oils and dispensers, chocolates and charm – applies them all and promises more
Adam – Man of mystery Tells you an interesting story, but you wonder if it is about someone else More and more interesting facts are uncovered with each story and I can tell there is more to the mystery man
Master Chef Adam Claims to cook but gets a takeaway meal Shops with style, prepares breakfasts, roasts and sweets and owns the pots, pans and flash oven to feast like royalty
Seductive Adam Might look up from his favourite TV show to see if you’ve slipped into something more comfortable Rubs on scented oils, has hands of silk, slips his way smoothly through the night and the two of you are truly engulfed wishing there was no such thing as time
Musical offerings by Adam Finds a few tracks inspired by the review in the newspaper and plays music once or twice Has music available in the house, in the car and plays music we both love any time of the night or day. We also go to live concerts and plan so much more
Spontaneous Adam Asks you on a date to an unusual location once and then it’s home on the lounge with pizza Collects me to drive to holiday destinations, and concerts, and the movies, and restaurants, and art shows or where ever next?
Responsive Adam Says yes to visiting an exhibition, but turns up half an hour late Accepts invitations to trivia nights, art exhibitions, meditation workshops and our list of future activities just keeps growing

One of the most incredible things about this Adam is that the ‘Similar Adam’ column is a mixture of multiple Adams – where as the ‘Soulmate Adam’ column is actually just one Adam.  I know that if this Adam isn’t a soulmate he is certainly a sensational Adam. I know that your list of scenarios and Soulmate activities will not be the same as mine. This is the point when going on dates – to find compatibility. So whether you are having great connections with a similar or soulmate Adam enjoy the activities that light you up. Smile and laugh and be yourself.  See yourself having freedom and frivolity. Finding a great Adam has you floating through your life.

Seems to me like Surely Eve has met her match.

This is what I began online dating for – to find someone I connected with to spend time with. I had no idea that this Adam was out there and would have had no other way to find him.  As the name Surely Eve suggests I always thought there would be an ideal Adam out there for me. This is what kept me looking.  From where I’m standing now the future and Adam look sensational.

Here’s to you finding that sensational Adam.

Let me know whether you believe in soulmates. Have you found yours?

Surely Eve


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