Seeing Eve

Dear Dater,

Recently I was on holidays in a place I lived for many years. I have always loved the city, partially due to the amazing parks that run through it. I was amazed by fact that in the last two days I have seen more of these parks than I’d seen in the years I lived in the city.  This made me wonder about why….

I watched the runners who skimmed the edges, never delving into the gardens themselves. This seems to represent the way some people live their lives… skirting around the edges – going at a pace that’s too fast to get a real understanding of what’s going on – putting in a lot of effort – being part of something larger, but not getting the full picture.

This group reminds me of the online daters who chat online – but never meet [Stood up Eve].

The next group at the gardens were the ones who ventured in along the paths and began to explore. This group represents those in life who are willing to delve a bit deeper into their surrounds – understanding the world around at another level – seeing the world around them at a slower pace – comprehending more – but possibly being part of a smaller, less connected group.

This group reminds me of online daters who are out there meeting other daters, but bring their baggage meaning they don’t really see what’s on offer [Senses and Lenses Eve]

Another group in the gardens explored and also got involved in activities – photography – taking a boat ride on the pond – playing music. This group represent those in life who look around them in multiple ways – getting a perspective that others around them miss – fulfilling their lives in simple yet effective ways.

This group reminds me of online daters who feel comfortable in who they are and make the most of situations as they arise. [Self-Reflecting Eve] [ Sparks Fly Eve]

Look around you and see how much of your world you actually see!

How do you take on your life? How do you approach online dating?

Live your life to the full!

Surely Eve

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