Sharks Circling versus Still Searching Eve

Dear Dater,

Welcome to all you online daters.  On a show recently I found the most popular day of the year for online dating is the 8 January. I was hoping to be off online dating sites on this day this year, but it was not to be.  As this day was fast approaching I was discussing this with an online dating friend of mine who took the approach – Make the most of it – New beginnings – Lots of choices.  Yes this is certainly a great way to look at it. So thanks to her that’s the approach I took.

So there I was on the online dating site with all my online daters.  With me was an Adam who had contacted me a year or so ago reconnecting with me, saying we hadn’t met, but he’d like to meet me now.  We arranged to meet the following night and boy did sparks fly [Sparks Fly Eve]. Experiences like this one reinforce my belief that we all need to keep looking for an Adam for us.

This contrasts with the beginning of the year, a couple of years ago, when I found myself back on the online dating site on 8 January. I could see all the Adams had been on the site today as well. I thought of them as sharks circling – desperate and waiting for the next ‘meal’.  This was partially shaped by my recent messy break up where I was in an angry and bitter space.

So here we all are.  Us single searchers – sick of another Christmas alone – so we try again.  Clearly we are not alone – we are all hopeful – rather than sharks – we are all wishing our luck will change. We are all just still searching.

This year when the 8 January came around I was discovering how much the perception and usage of online dating has changed.  At the lunch table at work I am sitting with two people I barely know. Neither of them know that I am an online dater.  Discussion on a six month relationship from one of the group soon led to each member sharing about what online dating has meant for them. The first let us know that RSVP is where she found her husband. The second let us know that she met her current partner using online dating and her ex-husband from a newspaper ad.  This shows me that people definitely move with the times and this online dating thing can work.

Recently an Adam told me ‘All the cool people are online dating’.  Turns out he has also been finding out online dating stories at his workplace.  He works with a 60 year old Eve who is looking for a 40 year old Adam [So Age Eve].  While we were discussing this scenario we wished her well, but didn’t like her chances.

So who benefits from this peak time for online dating sites?  Certainly the sites themselves. Online dating is definitely a money spinner [Selecting the Site Eve].  But you can also benefit.  I believe that if you have the right attitude – in life, not only in online dating – you will get better outcomes as a result of your positive attitude.

If you found yourself visiting one or more online dating sites on 8 January – know that you are not alone. Bring your wonderful self to the scene and join all the cool people, young and old. Remember the key is to have a heart! (Even if it gets broken sometimes).

May 2018 supply you with just the shark – sorry the Adam – you’re searching for.

Let me know how the year is treating you so far.

Surely Eve

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