Sleuthing Eve

Dear Dater,

Pay particular attention to things Adam says early on.  Comments that ring alarm bells…

Adams I have met have come out with comments like:

  • How will you break up with me? – (I make women so irate that they do extreme things to get away from me)
  • Women claim I harass them – (when this was said three times on the first date I knew that there wasn’t going to be another one)
  • I play computer games and watch TV – (Surely you can make yourself sound more interesting!)
  • That’s a wife beater – (pointing to a wooden item hanging on the wall of the bedroom)
  • I didn’t bite you – (a statement not prompted by me in any way – and not true)
  • Don’t let my cleanliness standards impact you – it won’t affect our relationship – (Ignore that cleaning is all I talk about)
  • I don’t go to restaurants – (doesn’t work with my limited budget)
  • I want a walking companion – (I found this statement was incredibly literal)
  • Let’s meet at the pub – (my profile says I don’t drink)
  • I got so depressed when my last girlfriend left me – (I think it’s best to stay well clear of this Adam)
  • You worked with so and so, and so and so, and so and so – (Who can you connect me with ?– I have not interest in a connection with you)
  • I own a $20,000 bike – (I am a list of my possessions)
  • My hobby is to sit in the mountains in complete isolation – (I never actually met this Adam – he could tell, from a 24 minute conversation with me, that I wasn’t his type – cramp his style)
  • My mother is ill in a far off land – ( I may require funds to see her before she dies)
  • I have 7 kids and an ex father in law from hell – (Are you for real???)

I honestly haven’t made any of these up.

So what does an Eve do with these comments?

Listen carefully to them and see how they translate in your relationship……

Recently people have been wondering why I have been on this online dating journey for so long.

Perhaps these statements go part of the way to answering this. If you’re an Adam maybe these are pick up lines to avoid.

What are some of your favourite Adam comments?  (The one’s that have you wondering if this Adam is for real.)

Listen and learn

Surely Eve

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