Songbird Eve

Dear Dater,
There is beauty in many things. For me music is one of these things and an important part of my life. One of my first relationships had strong associations to Pachelbel’s Canon. The relationship started with the two of us sight reading the piece as I discovered the piece and the feelings of Adam. When our relationship was in its heyday I would hear beautiful versions of the tune and think of us. As the relationship ended in a park there was an ensemble massacring the tune. Fitting – devastation all ‘round. Maybe this is why I started assigning music to Adams when online dating. [Symbolic Eve]
Seems songs are not enough. I was so excited to be chatting with an Adam who had the same taste in music as me. Adam loved the same bands as me, listing them all in his profile. What a great foundation for a relationship….. Or was it? As I started to chat I found his idea of a holiday and mine were chalk and cheese. His idea of motivation and mine were from different planets. These indicators shouted from the roof tops for me that there was absolutely no reason for me to meet this Adam. Musical tastes were not enough….
How about playing similar instruments? When this happened to me it was like dating a clone [Siamese Twins Eve]. Meeting someone who seemed to live a parallel life to me was too bizarre for me….
How about going to a fabulous concert together? This should be an aphrodisiac in the right circumstances. Unfortunately for me the circumstances weren’t right…. When the concert ended I was sitting in my car singing along to the CD and Adam was walking home…..
Singing along to great tracks with Adam on a car trip ticks my boxes. The shared experience. The vocal harmonies. The recollection of lyrics to songs we hadn’t heard for years. The times were great, but not great enough for Adam…..
How about the Adam that thought I’d be cool if I played a different instrument? Reminds me of friends of mine who joked about playing the organ…
How about the excitement I felt to be meeting an Adam who was a musician and song writer? When we chatted on the phone he was saying that when a performer at a folk festival spoke to the audience he wouldn’t mention his day job, but rather focus on the music. I couldn’t wait to meet the creative, sensual, dancing, song writing Adam           – Musical Adam – but he didn’t turn up at our dates. Instead the day-job Adam turned up. During our dates the Adam that conversed with me was day-job Adam. Maybe I should have made sure one of the dates was at the folk festival?
I knew the day job encounters weren’t working for me and wasn’t surprised that Adam sent no texts, emails and didn’t ring me either. We stopped together. We weren’t playing the same tune. Adam had forgotten he wrote his own songs and loved to sing. Our connection was never formed. Our song left unsung.
Still searching for my songbird.

May your Adam bring music to your ears.

What are you searching for in an Adam? Where do you look? Have you found it?
Surely Eve



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