Scrawling Eve

Dear Dater,
For the past year I have been writing this blog. 17,000 words later – this is my 50th entry. Recently I was at my exercise class and the instructor said ‘Some people write about their experiences – but the best approach is to practice’. Applying this to online dating, I realised my writing, at times, is a way to remove myself from the roller coaster ride.

My writing has helped me see many of the benefits of online dating:

  • sensational sensations
  • wonderful holidays
  • unexpected conversations
  • new experiences
  • understanding expectations
  • experiencing diversity
  • knowing myself

Putting online dating into practice requires your effort to be desirable, interested and search for that spark – but with the sting in the tail that online dating can deliver. What a balancing act – when there are no rules – there are no rights or wrongs – there is no shield against the turmoil – there is no protection for your heart.

There are also the shared experiences – the buzz of energy that someone new in your life gives you , even when you’re apart – the feeling of excitement and expectation about your next meeting – the fun of planning – the new love interest (in every sense) – the discovery – the passion – being alive and living life.

What have I learned from my writing?

  • It is important to live your life – not sit back and observe
  • you never know what’s just around the corner
  • I have met great people
  • I’ve been to a myriad of wonderful places (Spots around Town Eve)
  • it’s given my journey perspective
  • it’s a great source of friendship –

Thank you to everyone who has been part of this journey – Contributing source material, photos, encouragement, editing and lots of laughs!!!

Hope the break from the online dating has brought new Adams onto the scene.
(Don’t worry – I’ll still write to you)

Are you an observer of life? Or are you living life to the full?

Drink from the fountain of life.

Surely Eve

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