Specific / Sleepover Eve

Dear Dater,

When creating your online dating profile make sure you are not too specific.  Leave elements of intrigue and space for an Adam to fit into your life.  A friend of mine is drafting an online dating profile, which apparently is too specific – identifying Eve doesn’t want long sleepovers.

How does this get interpreted by interested Adams?

  • Eve is happy for a quickie then off home?
  • She’s my kind of Eve!
  • Eve jumps out of bed at 5am then off to the gym? [Sleeping Patterns Eve]
  • Eve wants no committment in a relationship – just casual sex.

Ruling out long sleepovers before you’ve met Adam is not advisable.  Is this going to attract Adams you don’t want to meet?  Is it going to deter Adams you do want to meet?

It is also advisable not to rule out long sleepovers with Adam – because they can be sensational!!!

Sometimes these long sleepovers are in a holiday destination.  Sometimes at your place.  Sometimes at Adam’s place.  Where ever they are – they are definitely worth having.

When writing your online profile, I suggest you don’t rule out the unknown. Make sure you include many things you do like or want – rather than listing stuff you don’t like.  These elements will make themselves known to you in unexpected ways when you meet Adam [Subconscious Eve].

Best not to deter too many Adams from meeting you in the first place.  There’ll be plenty of opportunity for selecting Adams as you progress on the online dating journey.

Open up to amazing opportunities.

Let me know your thoughts on long sleepovers.

Surely Eve



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