Sleeping Patterns Eve

Dear Dater,

Night owl or early bird?  Which one are you?

Do shared sleeping patterns assist compatibility?

Examples like Adams that:

  • wake at 5am
  • are thankful that you don’t jump out of bed at 5.30am to go to the gym
  • go to bed at 9pm
  • don’t seem to sleep at all.

How do these sleep patterns fit in with your sleep patterns?  Do sleeping patterns impact your ability to connect?  My experiences seem to indicate – Yes.  Shared sleeping patterns assist your ability to chat when first getting to know each other. (I stop chatting with Adams who reply to my messages at 2am or 4am.  I don’t think insomnia helps anyone)  Shared sleeping patterns go on to assist you when finding times to date.  One date I remember, where sleeping patterns had an impact, – we’d just seen a very funny movie together – I suggested dinner – but it was past Adam’s bedtime.  So the evening ended.  Shared sleeping patterns also assist when you are in a relationship.  Do you head to bed at the same time?  Do you want to wake up around the same time?  Are you happy to enjoy bed time in the morning before jumping out of bed to start your day?

Sleep possible gets more complex if you factor in:

  • preferences for beauty sleep
  • quality of sleep
  • desire to sleep-in
  • style of the bed and sheets
  • frequency of washing the bedding [Spotless Eve]
  • when to start sleeping with a date [Sexy Eve]
  • numbers of partners being slept with.

An article I read recently suggested successful people get up early in the morning.  Surely there are examples of successful night owls too?  Given my sleeping preferences I certainly believe this is the case.

I think in these busy times when we are all expected to fit in family, work, exercise and friends – perhaps our busy-ness comes at the cost of spending intimate times with those we love?  Next time you jump out of bed think about whether this is the best use of your time…

Let me know how your sleeping patterns are working out.

Sleep well and sweet dreams

Surely Eve

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