Spots Around Town Eve

Dear Dater,

One of the advantages of online dating is getting out an about.  This is when you actually take the plunge and meet up with Adam [‘S Meeting Time Eve].  Now as I drive around town I reminisce about the places I’ve been, the dates I’ve been on and the Adam’s I’ve met.  It definitely gives you a new map of life.

Driving down one road reminds me of my first date.  A round-about reminds me of two dates in nearby cafes.  At times I’ve had dates in the same place with more than one Adam.  Once, when this occurred in the same week, I got rather nervous – especially as I knew one Adam lived above the venue.  There is a popular landmark in my city.  Before I dated I’d never been there.  Now I have been on multiple dates there and now meet friends and family there.  One example of how dating expands you life in unexpected ways.

Recently I was near an old dating site and found the restaurant had closed down.  It was in the process of being refitted – transforming into a new venue for future dates for many.  This shell of a restaurant was one of the many places I’d met an Adam I was seeing for a while.  I saw that like me moving on from Adam – venues do the same thing.  It gave me another level of acceptance – knowing it was the right thing for me to do and showed me that it is not only relationships that change.

That made me realise that this transformation of venues reflects the transient nature of dating.  We love some Adams – we love some dating sites. We appreciate Adams, but we know they are not right for us – we appreciate some restaurants, but are unlikely to return.  Some Adams are just not a fit – some locations make you feel like a fish out of water.

Expanding your world is definitely an advantage of dating.  Even if you never go to a certain place again being there once has given you a new experience.  So think about whether you want to sit at home and watch your usual shows, or whether you want to see more of the world around you.  Think about how many routines you have in your life.  No matter what the outcome of the date – grasp your sense of adventure and give it a go.

So are you going to get some new spots?

Let me know about your favourite spots around town.

Surely Eve

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