Splitting Cells Eve

Dear Dater,

Online dating often leads us to slipping away – ending a relationship – without a conversation – but rather by reading letters on our cell phone…. sent from afar.  Is this fair on Adam or Eve?  To me it certainly isn’t ideal.  It does seem to be ‘the norm’.  Sadly I have joined the online dating masses and I too use my cell phone to break up with Adam.

It seems to be a side effect of our technological world.

  • We meet on our cell phones.
  • We text on our cell phones.
  • We fit our messages into the time that suits us.
  • We don’t commit to conversations.

The use of our cell phones continue to be prolific during relationships.  The cell phones that get brought out during dinner – after the movie – at the picnic.  I’m intrigued that this cell phone connection doesn’t build our relationships.  On the contrary the cell phone is kept at an angle where you can’t see the screen;  reasons are made up for the message coming though at 9.45pm.  Of course it is never from another Eve.

This invasion of cell phones, combined with the lies, doesn’t assist in building our relationships.  Instead it becomes a wedge between us.  It forms a protection we hide behind.  When we end our relationship it becomes the tool that stikes the final blow.  We don’t seek out clarification.  We just deliver the last stike with our modern day pens.  The always silent texts stop and our relationships become forever ceased.

Are we slipping away in our relationships due to our cell phone addictions?  Rather than bringing us together are they driving us apart?  Do our cell phones provide us with the perfect armour to hide behind?  Our preference for texting to talking seems to keep us at a distance.  Online dating provides us with an illusion of an easy in.  Do our cell phones give us an easy out?

Do you split with cells?

Surely Eve

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