Stringing ’em Along Eve

Dear Dater,

An unknown element of online dating is – How many Adams can you date at once?  The very fact that it is an unknown makes things tricky.  Timing is always a factor when online dating.  You are back looking – new Adams are looking.  The chatting begins.  Sometimes with multiple Adams.

I have a fairly good memory, but I find my limit is around three Adams at once.  At one point I was chatting with two Adams with the same name – That was just too much.  If I am chatting with a few Adams at the same time I find I usually drop one or two of them off my ‘Adams of interest list’ – choosing to focus on the most intriguing Adam.

There was one day when I fitted in three dates in one day.  Personally I don’t think this gives any single Adam a fair deal.  The day is spent on the thrill of the chase rather than on the qualities of each Adam.

Although one (or two) Adams is my preference, I am sure there are Adams stringing along as many Eves as they can get.  When I am in a position where I feel I am dating an Adam I believe is seeing other Eves, I chose not to make a fuss over it.  I figure if it is meant to be then I’ll be the last Eve standing.  I figure the Eves who make a fuss will be left by the wayside.  I am sure there are Eves with very different views to mine.

One Adam I was seeing I suspected was dating several Eves.  We continued to see each other for a while – but he would go missing in action.  He would claim he was ‘doing nothing’.  While we were dating he would contact me every few days.  When I called it off he called me three times a day  – for three weeks.  I wouldn’t answer and he never left a message.  I always thought maybe he should have put in that much effort while we were dating.

Stringing Adams along is not fair on anyone.  An online dating friend of mine was seeing a few Adams at the same time.  She would like some of the traits in one Adam and like other traits of the other Adam.  This resulted in her wishing for a combination of the two Adams, while finding both lacking. I read a tweet by an Adam that said he had dated lots of great Eves, but he just kept thinking – What if there’s someone better?

I prefer a clean break before I move on to a new Adam.  An online dating friend prefers to have another temptation to draw her away from her current dwindling romance.  This, she assures me,  cuts down on the heart ache.

Currently I am being strung along in another way – and I am the last person to see it for what it is. [Something’s got to give Eve].

Online dating really can get you tangled up – The highly strung; the strung out; the stringing along; and the strung up. No shortage of options.

Hope your string is around a Valentine’s present.

Happy Valentines.

Surely Eve

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