Sharing Eve

Dear Dater,

One of the many things I’ve realised with online dating is it involves lots of sharing.  Eve shares her time between family and Adam.  Eve shares dinner or a coffee with Adam.  Eve shares her desires and passions with Adam.  Eve shares her stories with Adam and her friends.  Eve shares her body.  Eve shares her thoughts with Adam and friends.  Eve shares her dreams….. All this sharing – Is Eve spread too thin?

What does this sharing do?

Sharing leads to a great many things – wonderful experiences, deepened friendships, new encounters, great laughs, healing hearts, insights into others’ lives and knowing you are not alone.

One Adam shared with me his love of long baths and solidifying bubbles.  Another Adam shared with me his business website full of beautiful photograhs.  Another Adam shared with me his experience of almost falling off his motorbike with and Eve on the back.  Adam didn’t think Eve knew what a near miss it was – but you never know.  Another Adam shared with me his gorgeous garden with a high reaching canopy.  With Adam I’ve shared views, sunsets, holidays, long walks, bike rides, long morning frolics under the doona, tantilising frolics under the sheet in the afternoons and pleasurable frolics after midnight that I hoped would never end.

None of this would have been possible without sharing.  So no I don’t think Eve is spread too thin with all the sharing, but rather it gives Eve the opportunity to experience a world which would not have opened up without sharing.

May sharing enrich your world.

Surely Eve

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