So Age Eve?

Dear Dater,

Age is a dilemma in the online dating world for a number of reasons:

  • is the age provided true?
  • is the age desirable?

There is an Eve that a few Adams I’ve met speak about.  This in itself is interesting as other Eves are not a common topic while dating.  This Eve must have alluring ways – despite her photo (so I’ve heard) having her in sunglasses and a scarf – many Adams meet her.  When the time comes to meet, her age being understated by 10 years becomes obvious.  One Adam tried to catch her out by asking her about birthdays that she wasn’t supposed to have had.  From what I’m told the Adams flee.

Surely understating your age on your online dating profile in not laying a good foundation.  I was chatting with an Adam whose age increased by 10 years overnight.  I commented on the fact and was asked if I was looking for a toy boy.  I found it amusing – but not amusing enough to meet the Adam.

So why would Eves understate their age?  The reason is Adams seem to prefer younger Eves.  As I worked my way through Adams’ profiles, when I first started reading them, I found Adams under 55 either still wanted kids or were ‘undecided’.  From my perspective I view ‘undecided’ as a term to lure young Eves.  There are of course some Adams who have had enough kids and select ‘no kids – but yours are fine’.  These Adams are the minority.

One Adam, I dated for a while, I encountered again at speed dating – He had selected the age group where he met Eves 20 years younger than him.  I was taken aback by this – as it was the first time I’ve experienced it – it hit me hard.  Another Adam, I dated for a while, confided in me that a younger Eve would win out over other Eves every time.

A friend and I wonder what happens to Adams who get older and older and expect to date younger and younger Eves.  What happens when the Eves don’t want to date 65 year olds?  Why would a 25 year old Eve want to date a 65 year old Adam?  Am I just naive?  Are there unlimited gold diggers out there?  Are there Adams who date Eves of similar age?  If you’re an Adam are you driven by age?

Don’t stage your age

Surely Eve

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