Self-reflecting Eve

Dear Dater,

Tonight we say goodbye to 2016.  Wow did it fly.  I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect on the year that was – with a strong emphasis on acknowledgement.

Many years ago I wrote a list of 100 accomplishments.  I recommend you create your own list.  At first you wonder how on earth you’ll reach 100.  As you progress you see your accomplishments are great and small.  In the end you have a wonderful representation of you and your life.  It is a great way to get in touch with who you are and what is important to you.  Knowing who I am has been a great foundation – it has been central to my online dating experience.

Knowing who I am:

  • allows me the freedom to pick and choose
  • leads me on the path I’ve taking on my online dating adventure
  • provides me with an understanding of my feelings and experiences
  • most importantly means I am happy being me.

Setting goals has been something I’ve always loved to do.  It has had me travel the world, complete my studies, landscape my garden, undertake home renovations and more.  For me online dating is a tool to fulfil another of my goals – Find a great Adam and be in a loving relationship.

As part of my self -relection I see that none of my goals are acheived instantaneously.  This gives me the ability to keep going.  It also gives me the expectation that as I’ve accomplished so many of my goals I will also fulfil this one.  One landscaping project I worked on took 6 years from inception to completion.  I discovered the course I studied existed when I was fifteen.  Three years later I was successful in being selected for the course.  So you get the idea – things take time – but once the seed is planted watch out because it will happen.

So reflecting on 2016 – I’d like to be acknowledged for:

  • finding an Adam that has read my online profile and fulfils every aspect of my ideal partner. ( Note to self – I must now work on the unwritten aspects of the relationship)
  • keeping in contact with friends and family who enrich my life in so many ways
  • having the guts to move jobs to work with a team of great people
  • starting a blog on tips and traps for online dating.

What would you like to be acknowledged for?  What are your accomplishments for 2016?  When are you going to complete your list of 100 accomplishments?   Go on – it’s are great thing to do – especially at the start of a new year.

Please fit in many of the things you love in 2017. Love is a great guide in life and leads to riches beyond measure.

Surely Eve

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