Shelling Out Eve

Dear Dater,

There is a fine line now in the dating world when it comes to paying.  Who is going to shell out on the first date?  The issue with this though is that no-one knows where the line is.  I have read articles where Adam complains that he is expected to pay and then on the other hand where Adam doesn’t feel ‘manly’ if Eve pays.  These opposing views don’t help anyone.

I like to pay on alternate dates – or pay for part of the date (like dinner), with Adam paying for the other (the movie tickets).  In my experiences, where I’ve paid on the first date, I’ve never seen the Adam again… (of course there are other factors involved “Streets are two way Eve, Statistics Eve). So it seems to me that Adam’s ‘manliness’ has taken a beating.  This seems to be reinforced by the Adam who gave me the cash after we left the cafe – for his half.  Another Adam told the waiter that we always paid half.  I guess it was easier for Adam to have the conversation with the waiter than with me.  It had the effect he wished for – so that’s the main thing.

So how do we deal with this dilemma in the modern day dating world?  I really have no idea.

Hoping you don’t pay the price when you pay.

Surely Eve


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