Something’s got to give Eve

Dear Dater,

Here we are – just before Christmas.  Christmas cheer surrounds us and the Christmas lists are being written and ticked off as we find the right presents for our loved ones.

With the end of the year also comes a time to reflect.  Christmas is a great time for my family.  We gather together, enjoy wonderful food and exchange gifts.

Combining my gifts gathering and reflection I find myself in a bizzare situation.

I’ve been seeing an Adam for 6 months now, but I hardly know him.  What on earth would I get him as a present?  I’ve never been to his house.  I get 3 texts a week.  Sometimes 4 if I’m lucky.  We meet almost weekly for a few hours and then he’s gone until next time.  As he leaves I ask him if he’s going to turn into a pumpkin.  That’s what it feels like to me – as if he’s being whisked away on the instructions of a Fairy Godmother.  He really is not doing a good impersonation of being a single Adam.  He’s not doing a good impersonation of an Adam cheating on his wife either.  I am at a loss of where he’s coming from – or where we’re going to…..

I know I really should have a ‘Where are we going? or What are we doing? type conversation with him.  As I don’t want it to end it seems safer not to.  Each time I meet up with him I have a lovely time, enjoying his company.  We do things together we both enjoy and I remember why I am still meeting up with him.  After his pumpkin avoiding routines and another week of 3 texts – I again question – What is the point?  We meet and again I’m drawn in – hook line and sinker.

What on earth should I do?

Your thoughts please!

Surely Eve

PS Have a fabulous Christmas.

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