Some More Eve

Dear Dater,

One thing I have discovered is there are always Adams who have done more of the things I have done.  Examples of what I mean include – I have landscaped my garden and I meet an Adam who has also done this and has a beautiful garden.  I have done some minor renovations in my house, painting some walls and hanging curtains.  One Adam I met painted his entire house, including plastering walls and building a deck and a pergola.  I have 2 kids.  I have met Adams with 4 or 7 (Unbelievable!).

On some levels this surprises me. Knowing the effort I have put into accomplishing what I have I am in awe of Adams’ efforts. I guess I really shouldn’t be that surprised.  People always put in different amounts of efforts into their pursuits.  There are of course also Adams who have done less of the things I enjoy – having  alternate interests.

I guess part of me feels like I haven’t done enough, as I compare myself to these new benchmarks. Rather than seeing myself as lacking I should enjoy the garden and admire the renovations, decks and pergolas.  I certainly marvel at the number of kids.

Always admire the efforts of others and acknowledge your own.

Surely Eve


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