Self-absorbed Adam

Dear Dater,

Where is the Eve in this title? That is my point  –

Beware of the self-absorbed Adam.

There are many ways to identify a self-absorbed Adam. These include:

  • the Adam, that as his first contact, sends you masses of information about himself
  • the Adam that fails to ask you a single question
  • the Adam that talks AT you – never pausing – never giving you space to interact
  • the Adam that drives what a friend of mine calls a ‘selfish car’ – a little sports car
  • that Adam that never realised his ex-partner didn’t question a single one of his suggestions
  • the Adam that says “Tell me what you really want” rather than answering any of your questions.

I expect the last Adam wanted me to tell him my sexual desires.  I do have sexual desires, but I’m not going to discuss them with an Adam I’ve just started chatting with.  I told him I really wanted him to answer my questions.  Not surprisingly I never heard from this Adam again.

Being talked at – not having questions answered – getting a response from Adam that is a page long and all about him.  Not good signs……

There needs to be room for two people in a loving, successful relationship.  Where Adam only thinks of himself he makes no room for Eve.

So what to do when faced with a self-absorbed Adam:

  • recognise the fact and
  • RUN!!!!!!

Surely Eve

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