Siamese Twins Eve

Dear Dater,

On one date I met my clone.  This Adam, like me, had chosen a creative university degree, was a musician, travelled the world (many of the same places).  Then he changed his career path – and we ended up in the same career.  I asked him if he had applied for my job – which happened to be advertised recently.  Fortunately Adam hadn’t.

We met for a dinner date and chatted and laughed into the night.  He told me about the most remarkable coincidence I have ever heard.  It was made more remarkable given the size of the city where it occurred. It was bizarre to meet someone who seemed to have lived a parallel life.

I often think that Adam is looking for someone like him.  When an Eve isn’t like this, Adam keeps looking.  I see this as one of our lenses.  We are all searching for someone ‘just like us’.

Now I have met someone living a parallel life, I can see that a person with the same life as me is not actually ideal.  It is the differences that create an edge in a relationship – not a clone.

Steer clear of the clone wars.

Surely Eve

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