Symbolic Eve

Dear Dater,

When I started online dating, to accompany my ‘Swanning‘, I would make collections around Adams I was chatting with.  Symbolic representations like:

  • songs and
  • star signs.

I would assign peices of music.  I would assign top 40 pop songs to some Adams, classical music for others.  For me my subconscious sends me songs.  When I sing my way through the words I find out why this song has been selected.

I read star signs as an amusement.  I love to look for coincidences.  Finding out whether my star signs are compatible with Adam’s makes for a great read.  Sometimes your Chinese horoscope has your star sign compatibility at 90%.  One Adam was a horse in his Chinese horoscope.  According to the blurb this made him a great lover.  Finding out he had 7 kids made this a likely reality.  Reading the western horoscope for the same Adam  can show the two of you have a compatibility of 30%.  On occassions both Chinese and western horoscopes give you a more consistent rating.

This assigning of symbolism was before I realised how fast things moved in the online dating world.  Selection of pieces of music and musing star signs is now replaced with a single word summary.  My latest two Adams have been summarised as ‘Intense’ and ‘Conservative’.

Another of my symbolic frivolitities, from many years ago, is that green m&ms make you sexy and red m&ms make you smile.  As I’ve just bought a 1 kg tub of Christmas m&ms filled with just green and red m&ms it should be a wonderful Christmas!

May your symbols, stars, songs, smiles and sex align!

Surely Eve


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